Realistic goal setting βœ¨

One step at a time people! New year new you? Hmmm. In reality we all know things won’t change overnight, it may take weeks, months or even years (gasp!). But so long as you are pushing yourself one step at a time towards your goal/s then that is progress.

No matter how small the step is! Yes, definitely there will be some challenges along the way and days when maybe actually you feel like you’ve not moved at all. And that’s okay. With each new day, each new challenge and each new achievement -you are learning!

So be proud of yourself for every step, and set yourself those goals you keep telling yourself you will do ‘one day’. Go for it! Just remember that your timescale for this is for you and not for anyone else. If your goal will take three years then so be it! Don’t sweat it and stress out trying to jump and leap and get where you want to be cause you’re worried about time, about what people think or, cause you don’t feel like you’ve achieved anything if you don’t. (Having said that if that’s how you attack your goals and get things done, then go you! Keep rockin what you’re doing!) Make your goals, realise they are your goals and make moves on them everyday (minus the days that feel like poop. Cause sometimes you gotta just take a breathe and assess your surroundings). Adjust your goals according to your situation and destination. Most important of all, keep moving forward!

Keep going. Keep positive. Breathe. You got this … You’re doing this! ✨πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’™


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