Find some time to reflect πŸ˜Œβœ¨

How wonderful it is to have half an hour alone, enjoying the sun and nature and all it’s beauty, and contemplating things in your own little world. It is so, so important to have these moments. The moments where you can stop for a second, stop worrying, stop planning, stop moving all together and just sit, relax and enjoy the moment. You can get so caught up in what’s going on in the world these days that your own thoughts that really make you You are lost. 

When you get that time to sit down and be around nature, when you get the time to just stop, it is truly wonderful. You can enjoy the minutes slowly and look more deeply at the beautiful things that surround you. You can pick out all the positive thoughts that are circling your brain and focus on just being happy, being you and not worrying about anything else. 

So, if you’re having a rough week and have a million and one thoughts flying round your brain- just stop. Find a nice quiet spot; in the garden, in the bath, curled up on the sofa, in the corner of the coffee shop or wherever you can. Make it 5 minutes, 10 minutes or however long is necessary for you to be able to free yourself from those million thoughts, and relax. Be at ease, be happy and gather only good thoughts, positive thoughts. Look around and appreciate all that is beautiful and brilliant about life and where you are at. It is needed and it is necessary to have this time to relax and be comfortable without the stresses of the world! 

Today I found my time to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty around me and it was wonderful. I also discovered this song by Tom Grennan – ‘This is the age’. At the end of the song there is an Irish man just talking, mumbling and amongst my thoughts I heard him say the phrase ‘life in general is brillant’. And it is, it truly is. Even though there can be a ton of bad days, there’s always good ones too.

 (The only thing that could’ve made my half hour reflection any better was having a cuppa tea at the same time -but we can’t have everything haha!) 

Be positive. Be free. Be you. ✌🏼✨


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