Appreciation post πŸ’–

So one of my all time best pals wrote a blog post about me recently and it was the nicest thing to read ever. She’s a cutie! So now I want to tell the world about her too! 

Sophie. Pallion. 

She is one in a million. Seriously. She’s an absolute rock and has helped me in so many ways and guided me through so many rough times. Always knowing what to say to make me smile, to give me confidence, to help me sort my shit out. 

She will always be there 100%, no matter what the time, what the problem. She will always pick up the phone, always be willing to give advice, always willing to pick me up if I’m on a date and spill coffee all over myself and have to dip and leave my date hanging feeling super embarrassed. Or she’s the sort of person that will offer and be willing to help read and re read your dissertation and edit it and send it back (I don’t know what I would’ve done without you, I owe you a million for that). She’s the sort of person who will go for a picnic in the park with you, in the snow, and have an amazing time. She’s the sort of person who will walk round school with you and introduce you to all her friends and make you feel so welcome. There’s never an awkward moment, we can spend hours talking or in complete silence and it’s completely lovely either way.

I will always go to her for advice on anything, throughout the years a mixture of boys, friends, peircing/tattoos and general life problems. And being the true best friend that she is I will always get 100% honest advice, never ‘easy’ generic responses but ones that will truly help me. 

Without knowing it she pulled me out of the a time at school when I was trying to find myself. Helping me realise that all I really needed to be was happy, and every break/lunch we spent together being weirdos was the best thing I could have wished for. 

She’s has been my rock for so long I don’t know what I’d do or who I’d be without her.  With every true friendship it has tests but no matter how far apart or how long is may be till we see eachother, when we finally do it’s like nothing has changed.

She is beautiful, talented, an amazing listener and advice giver and has taught me so much. So many memories and so many more years to come with new adventures and new memories to make. 

Sophie. Thank you for everything you are and do! You’re one in a million and I’m so so glad and so so lucky to call you my bestie. Lub du xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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