Try something new ✔️

If you’re an overthinker this can me prettttyy difficult, all the ‘what ifs’ will hold you back for sure. But keep pushing yourself and go for it! It’s one of those-you’ll never know if you never try! 

Whether it’s a new sport, a new hobby, a new place to go or something as small as a new food! Open yourself up to all things and just wait and see what happens. Breaking out of the same old routine can be scary, tough and tiring, but you can get so much back and will feel so much better for it! 

I am a big encourager of people trying new sports and getting stuck in. You can find a whole new world of excitement and can push yourself in ways you never thought possible. Grab a friend and encourage eachother to get involved! I took up Thai boxing,boxing and kickboxing at uni. Can’t say I was that great at any of them but I tried and I loved it! It opened up a whole new social circle of friends and was a spot on exercise for stress relief haha! 

A little something new each day/week/month can be such a breathe of fresh air. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, maybe just a walk round the park in the morning, a coffee date for yourself, having a go at baking? Anything! 

Give it a go and see how you feel. Break that routine! 


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