So much to do so little time ðŸ°

Really? Or are you just rushing and stressing trying to cram everything in cause society says you should? All those posts about ’20’s year olds should all be doing these things’. 🙄 I mean I get it you should probably start thinking about the future but you know what, everyone has lived a different life and are at a different stage than everyone else around them. You should do what feels right for you. Moving out, travelling, getting into a career, thinking about settling down, or enjoying single life. You can read a ton of different posts about what you should be doing, but nobody knows all that you have/ haven’t been through and you shouldn’t have to feel pressured by anyone or anything. Just wing it, an all time fave saying of mine. I mean I am super into planning everything I possibly can, but at the same time some things can’t be planned and you really have got to ‘wing it’. Just embrace the now, and all that it holds for you, and do not stress or be jealous of what everyone else is doing. Everyone has been dealt different cards in life, so play yours and see what the future brings without worrying about ‘why haven’t I traveled the world yet?!’ ‘Why don’t I know what job I want to do for forever?!’ ‘Why haven’t I found the perfect guy?!’. Live, love, laugh and enjoy yourself! 


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